SEO Can Make More Sales by Increasing Free Web Traffic

SEO Sri Lanka is the name of my service that helps Sri Lankan business owners to make more sales by increasing targeted online traffic through Search Engine Optimization. You will see visible results within 2 – 3 weeks. With the help of my SEO service, your website will rank high in Google search results for your chosen keywords. This means more targeted and ready to buy customers will visit your website.

Who am I and why should you listen to me?

SEO Sri Lanka

I make a full-time income through my own websites. I make more money than many CEOs in Sri Lanka. Websites generate income by converting free Search Engine Traffic (organic traffic) to sales. In a nutshell this is called Internet Marketing. Free traffic is coming from SEO techniques that I have tested, tweaked and used for last 9 years. What you get as my service is what I have been using for my own websites.

Besides that, how did you find this website? I never advertise SEO Sri Lanka service. So you must have found it through one of major Search Engines. This is the power of Search Engine Optimization.

Please Note..

I am not a website designer. I don’t build websites for you. My job is to increase visitors to your existing website that will help you to increase sales.

How this SEO service works?

The process is very simple. Follow these steps and you will be on your way to make more online sales than ever.

  1. Fill the online form as instructed at the bottom of this page and let me know about your website.
  2. I will analyze your website details and send you a report. The report will include keyword suggestions, competition analysis, how hard or easy to rank on your chosen keywords, an in-depth review of current ranking of your website and my fee if you agree to get my service.
  3. If you agree with the price and terms/conditions then we can sign an agreement for the service.

Why My SEO Service is Different?

I always focus on long-term success. Search Engines uses very complex algorithms to rank websites. No one knows how it works. And the bad news is that they update these algorithms quite often. Therefore a SEO technique which works today will not work tomorrow.

The solution is to think like a Search Engine, jump in to their shoes, and look through their eyes when developing web pages. The duty of search engines is to deliver relevant search results. They cannot survive if they deliver unrelated websites for search terms.  With years of studying Google, I have developed a strategy which worked in the past, works now and will work in the future in spite of any algorithm change.

Warning! Wrong Search Engine Optimization can harm your rankings

Google has two ways of delivering quality results

  1. Identify quality websites and rank high.
  2. Penalize bad, crappy and over optimized websites.

Wrong SEO will definitely harm your current ranking. The bad news is it is extremely difficult to win the trust back from Google once your website is penalized. Your website will be below first hundred search results for a very long time. Still there are solutions to rank back again if you have a budget for it.

How much will it cost?

Let’s look at it in a different angle. How much an additional sale worth for you? What about 10 or 100 additional sales a month? What is the value of a new customer? My service is not cheap. It starts from $100 a month and it is a monthly service. SEO is not a “done and forget” type thing. It has to be done every month to keep your website on top rankings. I use my own well tested secret techniques to bring much better results. The final monthly cost will be depending on your business niche, keywords and many other factors. Basically how hard to bring your website to page 1 of Google results for chosen keywords.

For an example, keyword “weight loss” is a very tough keyword to rank. Many big companies with very high Search Engine Optimization budgets are competing for this type of keywords. But “weight loss meal plans for men” is not that hard to rank.

I always use white hat legitimate SEO methods that both search engines and human visitors will love to see.

Are the results guaranteed?

I can say “almost”. Why almost? Because there are certain changes you will have to do on your website based on my suggestions. You don’t see results if you don’t do them. These are simple changes and not complicated at all.

What type of business it has to be?

Basically any business except for Adult, gambling or Pharmacy related websites. You may be selling goods, services or you may not sell anything at all and need only make your website popular. I can help you in all these cases.

Next Step

Fill the form below and let me know details of your website. I will anylize it and get back to you within 3 days.


More about SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a vast subject. There are many places to read about it. Wikipedia is the best place to start reading about this subject.